Electrical maintenance plans for your home or business in Dayton, OH

Electrical breaker in panel Dayton, OH

While most people realize preventative maintenance is a key component of caring for their car or appliances, not many take this same approach when it comes to their electrical system. So often, we hear people say they thought their electrical system, once installed, would be fine for a lifetime without any checkups. Our experts here at Andrew Casey Electric know such a mindset will only lead to trouble. In the electrical industry, preventative maintenance is vital to ensuring costly and possibly dangerous issues don’t arise. 

Even without any storms or catastrophic damage occurring, wires, fuses, circuits and other important elements of your system can wear over time. These worn components can linger quietly behind your walls and make themselves known in dangerous ways, from outlets that don’t function to something as severe as electrical fires. Keep your home protected and running optimally by trusting our team to maintain things for you.

How our maintenance plans can help

While there is a full range of inspections and services that our maintenance plan includes, here are some of the most important elements of the plan that ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and functional.

  • Full Inspection of Major Components (transformers, circuit breakers, switches, etc.)
  • Manufacturer Suggested Maintenance on Equipment
  • Wire Inspection and Replacement (as needed)
  • Verifying and Monitoring Connected Load
  • Checking Operating Temperature
  • And more!
All the work we do at your home will be completely tracked and monitored so there is a detailed record in place. We will be able to look at this as a reference to ensure things are maintained on a proper schedule and everything in your building is attended to. Don’t worry about the state of your electrical system anymore. Call the experts to keep things safe for years to come.