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The best recessed lighting solutions in Dayton, OH

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Recessed lighting is a highly effective way to enhance any indoor or outdoor space. They can be installed in walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as outdoors in the ground to highlight your landscape and illuminate your walkways.

Recessed lights are able to illuminate an area without taking up a lot of space. They are perfect for use in areas where a large lighting fixture would be too obtrusive, such as on kitchen counters.

At Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors, we are passionate about providing properties in Dayton, OH with the best lighting services in town. Read on to see how recessed lighting can upgrade your property.


Different types of recessed lights

The opportunities are endless with recessed lights. There are several different types of these fixtures to choose from to help you create your desired atmosphere. We can provide you with a variety of recessed lighting to bring your vision to life. 

You can choose bulbs with a warmer tone similar to incandescent bulbs, and even adjust the color temperature to be warmer or cooler. We also have lights with adjustable dimming capabilities to create the proper mood in your home or building.

The type of trim you choose for your recessed lights can impact the effect they have on your room’s atmosphere as well. The trim is the finished portion of the recessed fixture that is visible on the outside. There are several different types of trim that can create different lighting effects. The most common trim is a basic, smooth trim, but there are also baffle trims, reflector trims, gimbal trims, and trim-less fixtures. 

A gimbal trim allows you to direct your light in a certain direction, making them perfect for lighting up artwork or special building features. Baffle trims are good for reducing glare from the bulbs, and reflector trims focus the light to improve lighting efficiency. Contact us to learn more about the different types of recessed light trims available.


Benefits of recessed lighting

LED lighting has many benefits over incandescent lighting, including being more economical, eco-friendly, longer-lasting, and efficient. When your LED lights are recessed, it creates more opportunities to customize your lighting and upgrade your space.

  • Saves Space: Being installed flush with the surface, recessed lights free up space that would otherwise be taken up by another light fixture, without sacrificing additional light.
  • Versatile: With a variety of recessed lighting colors and trims to choose from, you can personalize your lighting to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Increases Property Value: Updating your lighting by having recessed lights installed, or including recessed lighting in your new construction, will increase your property’s value.

Whatever type of LED recessed light fixtures you have in mind, we can provide and install them for you. Contact us today to see how recessed fixtures can transform your property and schedule a free quote.


Andrew Casey Electric LED Recessed Lighting Installation Dayton OH 4