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EV Charger Installation Services in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, OH

If you’re someone who owns a plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle, you may have been using a standard outlet at your home to get your vehicle charged, or you may have been using public chargers up till now. However, there’s an easy way now to install a standard outlet which can charge up your electrical vehicle at home which will be a dedicated outlet used only for that purpose.

This will help you to continue minimizing any impact you might have on the environment by driving a cleaner vehicle, and it will also help you avoid using public chargers or sharing chargers at home. Now you can have a full power Level II charger right at your home which can be installed by one of the experienced electricians at Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors, your most trusted and reliable electrical contractors in the Dayton, OH region.

When one of our specialists installs your electrical charger, you can be sure it will be done right the first time, and that you will have many years of electrical charges without any problems.

How an electrical charger can benefit you

You have probably been saving a significant amount of money on fuel costs since you been driving your electric vehicle, but you may have considered it a nuisance when you had to recharge the batteries after extensive usage. Some electric vehicles are equipped with a Level I charger which allows you to plug into a regular 120-V outlet for recharging, but which often requires 18 hours of charging to fully restore the battery.

A Level II charger by contrast, is a charging system for cars which makes use of a 240-V circuit and can deliver far more power to the battery in a much shorter period of time. When you use this kind of Level II charger, that 18-hour recharging session could be reduced to as little as three hours, and it will be no problem to have your battery completely recharged while you sleep overnight.

It will also minimize your dependence on public charging stations, and you might be able to completely eliminate them altogether, once you have your home system installed. If your local area sometimes provides off-peak electricity rates, you’ll be able to take advantage of these times to charge your battery, as opposed to being charged full price at public stations.

It won’t take long for you to realize that your Level II charger is making life much easier, and helping you to enjoy driving your electric vehicle much more. It will be a simple matter to install an electric charger in your garage, your carport, or somewhere close to your driveway, where your car will have easy access to it.

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When you’re ready to install

When you’re ready to install an EV charging station, we hope you’ll call us at Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors, if you live anywhere in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus area. We are experts at installing charging systems for cars, and we have residential electricians that can provide a number of other electrical services as well.

Take advantages of having an electric vehicle charging station right at your home, and have one of our specialists do the installation work so you can be sure everything was done correctly the first time!

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