Commercial electrical services in Dayton, OH

Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors has experience working on a series of major commercial projects in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our devoted team will work with the client and the general contractors from start to finish of each project, making sure the clients expectations are met all the way through. Each project, no matter the size, will be treated like our only project at the moment and receive our undivided attention.

Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors located in Dayton, OH has served the people in the area for many years. We are electrical contractors you can count on for jobs of any size. We proudly provide our services to residential and commercial clients and can help you handle various everyday electrical needs. We are here to make it happen whether you are looking to install new items, need electrical panel upgrades, or even updating your building to energy-efficient, beautiful LED lighting systems. 

The larger the system, the more opportunities there are for issues to arise. If your business is experiencing any problems with your electrical system, we are here to help! We have solved many common problems that our commercial electricians in Dayton have seen and repaired over the years.

Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors is an ambitious electrical company that strives to ensure that our customers and clients are always provided with the quality of highest standards. One way we guarantee this unrivaled performance is by ensuring that our team members are carefully hand-picked and skilled in the field of interior and exterior electrical settings.

Our commercial electrical repair services

Our licensed electricians offer many commercial electrical services. Our team is very skilled in small electrical repairs like replacing a light bulb or resolving a a tripping circuit breaker. Commercial electrical repair services can also include troubleshooting and upgrading the wiring in a building. Commercial electrical repairs have to meet specific standards set by code. They also need to be done by licensed electricians if they are going to be carried out on a public property. 

We offer a complete range of electrical services throughout Dayton, Ohio with 100% customer satisfaction and 45+ years of combined experience.

Search for no further. Contact Andrew Casey Electrical Contractors for your commercial electrical installation, repair services or electrical maintenance. We guarantee you quality work with experienced professionals and licensed and insured services. Our commercial electrical services include

  • Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Service Change Outs
  • Equipment Failure
  • Circuit Breaker Damage
  • And more!


Commercial electrical installation

Andrew Casey Commercial Electrical installation refers to the work carried out to provide electricity for commercial buildings. The result can be divided into two main categories: construction and maintenance. Structure refers to the physical installation of the electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment in a building.

Maintenance refers to inspecting, testing, and repairing electrical systems as needed. A commercial electrical installation project involves many different tasks, including planning and designing, installing new wiring or retrofitting an existing space, material procurement, and installation. Our commercial electrical installation includes:

  • Lighting Systems (Traditional or LED)
  • Safety Features (Fire suppression systems, CCTV cameras Occupancy Sensors, etc.)
  • New Machines and Equipment
  • Generators
  • lighting fixtures
  • Surge Protectors
  • Transfer Switches
  • Additional Circuits

And more!

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your commercial electrical needs and get you an estimate.