Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Dayton, OH

The image depicts an open concept living room and kitchen with a tufted sectional and a leather single chair and two, three blade ceiling fans installed.

When it comes to hot and humid weather, nothing beats Dayton OH. One way to cool off from the brutal summers is to turn on that fan! If you don’t have a fan, well it’s time to get one! And Andrew Casey Electrical can help! We provide ceiling fan installation services of all kinds, commercial and residential. From the electrical work and installation, we handle all your needs

Ceiling fan benefits

When the thought arises “how can I increase the value of my property?” Add a ceiling fan! Some of the benefits of ceiling fans are:

  • Reduce air temperature
  • Decrease humidity 
  • Help evaporate moisture
  • Save on electricity
  • Distribute warm air during the cold months
  • Assist in moving stagnant air
  • Increase thermal comfort


Depending on the season of the year indicates which way blades should turn. During warmer summer months blades should be set to push the air down. During cooler winter months the blades of the fan should be set to direct the air upward. Directing the air up helps distribute the warm air evenly throughout the room.

Ceiling fans can be added to the kitchen to help circulate the air, and aid in the removal of unwanted odors. A fan in the living room is a must. Nothing is worse than relaxing on the couch and being a little too hot. A fan is an easy and obvious solution. Adding a fan creates the perfect ambiance and environment to have the perfect night’s rest. When buyers potentially walk through your home, they will notice and appreciate the upgraded ceiling fan to the property.


Which ceiling fan is right for me?

Choosing the right fan can be a fun process. Do you want a large fan that can handle constant usage or do you want a ceiling fan for those particular

The image depicts an electrician wearing a mask cleaning up drywall dust on a ceiling fan the installed.

occasions? Maybe a fan with lights? Some fans can be concealed behind a light, while others can have a fun funky design. Regardless of the reason, Andrew Casey Electrical electricians are the electricians to install your fans the right way, every time. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. Contact us today!